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GreedBox Anonymous Imageboard Culture Toplist

sticky No.10 : Anonymous Drone [08/09/24(Wed)20:37] 1222313846064.png [GIS] (5246 B, 350x19)
No.11 : Anonymous Drone [08/09/25(Thu)07:29] 1222352946366.png [GIS] (9180 B, 350x19) []
No.82 : Anonymous Drone [09/03/01(Sun)08:05] []

The following is the established definition of a userbar. The word "userbar" refers specifically to images described here. Please keep in mind that userbars are an art form and variations from the standard are generally accepted as userbars if the minimum requirements are met.


  • All userbars MUST be exactly 350 pixels wide * and 19 pixels high.
  • Visitor TT2 (BRK) Font (size:13 pixels with a 1 pixel stroke)
  • 1 pixel border
  • An elliptical "shine"
  • Gradient
  • Scanline Pattern

Note: Userbar enthusiasts often use several userbars at a time, deviation from the above standards may make a userbar less appealing.

No.88 : Anonymous Drone [09/08/01(Sat)00:55] []


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