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No.977 : Anonymous Drone [2015-12-28 14:42] 1451331753371.png [GIS] (202806 B, 1706x649)
202806 B

Arch Linux master race

No.1013 : Anonymous Drone [2016-07-25 13:37] []

Diapers just provide an effective and safe minimal base on which to establish a streamlined pair of everyday leg coverings. I've already made the switch, they're not as hard to put on as most people seem to think. What's more they actually decrease maintenance rather than increasing it, contrary to popular belief.

No.1028 : Anonymous Drone [2016-09-15 00:17] 1473913076215.png [GIS] (425016 B, 646x438) []
No.1039 : Anonymous Drone [2016-10-04 01:22] 1475558537639.jpg [GIS] (64682 B, 511x554) []


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