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No.84 : Anonymous Drone [09/02/19(Thu)09:05] [Report] 1235052301601.png (12767 B, 1072x351) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
12767 B

What do you think about EULAs?

No.181 : Anonymous Drone [09/11/11(Wed)23:52] [Report] []


they make a nice pattern; if you disagree it always stops or exits or does some shit that wasnt what you spent time and effort trying to achieve (ie you say no to licence u fail).
after learning this simple fact you will always always skip reading that shit and click yes (absolutley ignore and disrespect any condition of use attached).
Not only that but often you will find that even should you have been visited by the devil the night b4 and are looking 4 some really boring shit to make u fall asleep, reading an eula will make u wish u had that devil back, u see if the precondition of me using this software is that i pay your retail XXX dollar price without knowing you have more demands still to come and that i have no option but to agree to your demands (not that u will tell me them plainly) then ill just click yes with my fingers crossed and not really give a shit about ur stupid licence which u also make me pay 4.

tldr: what is an eula? and werent they made obsolete by their own misuse? therefore fully worthless shit imo.


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