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No.8015 : Dark Santa [2022-12-21 23:38] [Report] 1671683927560.jpg (218741 B, 688x858) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
218741 B

Super Gay IR Cuck Verses

As a black man, I just want to get a white man pregnant. Deep down inside I love white men, but, I want them to be the woman/girl.

I like how white boys like anime, but, I like cute effeminate white blonde guys. I think white men are afraid of my penis, but I just want white men to know I like your penis, its sexy and exotic.

When youre ready I just want to give you my BBC and stretch you, but I want you to know I do this because I love you, I just want you to understand me as a woman, but I want to be committed to you.

My biggest fantasy is a white blonde guy wearing a wedding dress, and he gives birth to our baby with me and my friends (in his living room). We all watch him birth an egg out of his anus, then we open up the egg, revealing an aborted fetus wearing baby clothing, that we proceed to use in a puppeteering performance of "singin in the rain" as we all ejaculate on my white wife. Looking towards the viewer is a black man, holding an analog telephone, with a yellow receiver/speaker, being held out towards the audience. Another black man in glasses is pointing towards the performance of "singin in the rain" by the pupeteered aborted fetus.

If you choose to delete this, you are actively choosing to manifest this vision of what you read, so mote it be.


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