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No.7642 : Anonymous Drone [2021-03-23 11:55] [Report] 1616514946980.jpg (206648 B, 960x960) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
206648 B

there's only one proper starting point
what would you choose?

No.7643 : Anonymous Drone [2021-03-24 19:05] [Report] []


No.7674 : Anonymous Drone [2021-06-17 17:03] [Report] []
>You could just copy-paste source code of retro games into your computer and compile them that way

Get fucked, rules.

No.7809 : Anonymous Drone [2022-04-06 08:15] [Report] []

Do you get to choose the operating system on the computer? And if it's something like a Linux distro, am I allowed to install packages? Sometimes internet filters have bans on downloading from the browser but not terminal for some reason.

No.7811 : Anonymous Drone [2022-04-11 00:46] [Report] []

04 Fastfood
06 High-End Gaming PC
16 Internet (No DL/Streaming)
04 All movies/shows
30 Points


I'll do body workouts and play vidja that works in the browser.

Where's my $10mil?

No.7845 : Anonymous Drone [2022-05-20 21:07] [Report] []


No one will ever see this but this was a cool idea so I gave it my all. Here it is:

6 points: Full kitchen

  • Just a no brainer. Healthy, good meals, baked goods, occupy, learn. If the skylight being broken in the winter gets cold I can hang out in the kitchen and have the oven on to stay warm and have fun in the kitchen during that time.

5 points: Workout room

  • First I would throw weights at the skylight to break it to have access to vitamin D and fresh air. Besides these rooms with keep me in shape, occupied and will give more space.

7 points: Money up front and stock market

  • Will keep me occupied and I will come out extremely rich. *possibly will be like a job if I can online shop using phone.

2 points: skylight

  • Helps me wake up and will make things more peaceful and less claustrophobic.

3 points: cell phone once a week

  • To contact outside world, for news about life, stocks, record videos on HD camera to watch on other days. Also I may be able to order things on amazon with My virtually unlimited stock market money.

3 points: hygiene products and jacuzzi

  • Health reasons and to not be a poopy pants.

3 points: HD camera

  • Document my journey and record things to remember/entertain me for when I have phone access.

1 point: Gun with three bullets

  • I have an extra point...

If I pick the extra 5 points for -$5mil I would take out the gun and instead:
6 points: Industrial workshop

  • I can build furniture such as bed, couch and assuming that I can use a ladder to climb to the skylight as long as I don’t leave I would build a very safe ladder and platform with chairs and stuff like a balcony just below the skylight. This would allow me to see the horizon too and possibly a little bit of outside action for entertainment. If there is a border at the skylight this would still be cool. This industrial workshop opens a lot of doors I think.


If I wanted to piss it away I would:

18 points: Stunningly attractive 18yo girl

  • Companionship, relationship and sexual stuff. Better than a dog in this case because I wouldn’t want a dog to be stuck with me as it would suck more for the dog.

7 points: TV with all stuff

  • For relaxing and entertaining times. Would be nice to watch stuff with the girl at nights too.

5 points: Workout room

  • So we can keep in shape and it’s something to do.

6 points: Industrial workshop

  • Build us stuff. Draw/write. Knowledge.

2 points: Skylight

  • To stargaze, will break this with weights to get Vitamin D and rain coming in to wash up.

2 points: Model train set warehouse room

  • Mostly for the warehouse sized room so we could build so much stuff and pretty much make our outside yard type thing.
No.7846 : Anonymous Drone [2022-05-22 05:01] [Report] []


No.8006 : Anonymous Drone [2022-12-14 13:11] [Report] []

i'm going with:

the computer and internet are self-explanatory

skylight is nice because it can get nice and warm and sunlight feels good

kitchen = healthy eating

i think that the workout room is not necessary to stay healthy. i'm pretty sure that if you can get an hour a day of exercise (even without weights or something) you can still remain somewhat healthy.

No.8027 : Anonymous Drone [2023-01-09 00:48] [Report] []

30 guns with 3 bullets


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