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No.7467 : Anonymous Drone [2019-04-27 01:05] [Report] 1556341525655.jpg (3730125 B, 4500x3705) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
3730125 B

Everything that you take for granted in the modern world has overwhelmingly come from Western progress.

The entire world piggybacks off of these achievements, and it is minorities or socialists/communists like yourself—the self-hating "revolutionary" types—who have the audacity to criticize these hard-won privileges.

Our families, our ancestors; going generations back, who have worked all their lives toiling to which one day their children's children—us—can enjoy the fruits of their labour. Whether they did it consciously or not, we inherited their labour.

It is now our responsibility to maintain, and protect what they have created. Expand on it and treasure it, while respecting the vision that they have brought forth. It is our moral right and duty to do this for the sake of our communities, our own families, our loved ones.


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