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No.448 : Anonymous Drone [2010-01-19 05:56] 1263909393794.jpg [GIS] (335877 B, 690x657)
No.449 : Anonymous Drone [2010-01-19 06:30] 1263911435659.jpg [GIS] (339200 B, 690x657) []
339200 B


No.1768 : Anonymous Drone [2010-11-18 08:00] 1290085217309.png [GIS] (36612 B, 829x402) []
36612 B


No.1827 : Anonymous Drone [2010-11-24 18:53] 1290642834325.png [GIS] (72063 B, 1368x605) []
No.2566 : Anonymous Drone [2012-05-26 11:23] 1338045789467.jpg [GIS] (703937 B, 1000x1910) []
703937 B


No.2567 : Anonymous Drone [2012-05-26 11:23] 1338045803068.jpg [GIS] (151697 B, 500x667) []
No.2568 : Anonymous Drone [2012-05-26 11:23] 1338045815721.jpg [GIS] (190741 B, 990x824) []
No.3749 : Anonymous Drone [2013-10-04 23:01] 1380942087943.jpg [GIS] (92699 B, 735x960) []
92699 B


No.3805 : Anonymous Drone [2014-04-25 14:19] 1398449989353.jpg [GIS] (1871264 B, 1500x3466) []
No.3817 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-04 12:37] 1399221472565.jpg [GIS] (417646 B, 900x1100) []
417646 B

black teen magazine

No.3818 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-04 13:06] 1399223194633.jpg [GIS] (88781 B, 640x584) []
88781 B

Why does anyone listen to rap or hip-hop?

They are, without a doubt, the very definition of shit-tier music.
They are full of fake posturing and hyperaggressive chest-beating,
which makes intelligent people suspect that a fair bit of
overcompensation may be in play.

Niggers are clearly less intelligent than most other races, and the
repetitive and unimaginative nature of their music, themes and lyrics
clearly demonstrate this fact.

The last decent piece of black music ever recorded was Gil
Scott-Heron's 'The Revolution will not be televised'.

Go ahead, try to prove nigger music isn't shit. You will fail.

No.3819 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-04 13:07] 1399223278341.jpg [GIS] (529429 B, 1582x1627) []
No.3821 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-04 13:17] 1399223854245.jpg [GIS] (60987 B, 540x960) []
60987 B

shame there aren't more parents teaching their children how to act

No.3822 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-04 13:19] 1399223968520.jpg [GIS] (107856 B, 1122x419) []
107856 B

the majority are like this, unfortunately.

No.3826 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-05 12:57] 1399309071928.jpg [GIS] (378605 B, 680x2330) []
No.3863 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-05 20:11] 1399335087779.jpg [GIS] (52292 B, 682x554) []
No.3904 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-12 17:25] 1399929900429.jpg [GIS] (86428 B, 1073x521) []
No.3905 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-12 22:42] 1399948921785.jpg [GIS] (84509 B, 600x750) []
No.3911 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-16 23:44] 1400298245472.png [GIS] (1015664 B, 1316x1660) []
No.3934 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-22 10:46] 1400769979002.jpg [GIS] (88122 B, 600x409) []
No.3936 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-22 10:46] 1400770001209.jpg [GIS] (197170 B, 1344x1440) []
No.4034 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-26 16:41] 1401136870451.png [GIS] (271553 B, 650x650) []
No.4036 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-29 16:49] 1401396588143.jpg [GIS] (91573 B, 731x420) []
No.4037 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-29 17:17] 1401398268689.png [GIS] (805243 B, 500x3663) []
No.4038 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-29 17:55] 1401400534281.jpg [GIS] (879871 B, 1224x2376) []
879871 B
>majority of gun crimes and deaths committed by blacks and hispanics
>liberals STILL blame whites with guns

I am really really getting tired of this shit.

It's liberal "gun-free zone" policies that do this shit because criminals don't give a fuck about laws, as well as the liberal policy to "treat" the mentally ill by drugging them for the sake of drug company profits then sending them back out onto the streets.

The FBI prevented 148 mass shootings in 2013 by going after the mentally ill. Number of mass shootings prevented by blaming whites and the NRA? Zero.

Suck on those facts fucking liberals.

No.4040 : Anonymous Drone [2014-05-29 21:30] 1401413401982.png [GIS] (396455 B, 800x800) []
No.4043 : Anonymous Drone [2014-06-03 01:04] 1401771849868.png [GIS] (240585 B, 625x785) []
No.4049 : Anonymous Drone [2014-06-08 17:26] 1402262788139.png [GIS] (456504 B, 500x392) []
No.4054 : Anonymous Drone [2014-06-15 15:54] 1402862083309.jpg [GIS] (74683 B, 640x480) []
No.4055 : Anonymous Drone [2014-06-15 15:58] 1402862314707.png [GIS] (74485 B, 1177x892) []
No.4056 : Anonymous Drone [2014-06-15 16:00] []
> yfw Europe is but a stuttering glimmer of its past self
> yfw despite European /b/tards advocating their hate towards America, their government still relies upon trade and/or protection from America
> yfw the average person from any first world country is largely similar to that of any other first world country
> yfw you complain about "Amerifats" despite Americans not being the fattest country in the world, not to mention that the majority of European countries have an obesity rate of 15-25% while America has roughly 30%, which isn't a relatively noticeable difference.
> yfw Europeans complain about the war mongering of America despite needing their aid in times of war, past, present and future.
> yfw most Americans love the culture/architecture/natural simplicity that is most European nations, especially Scandinavian ones.
> yfw most Europeans love the sense of community/technological advancements/outsourced commodities that America produces/represents despite what the average European /b/tard says.
> yfw you, me, and almost 2/3rds of the world are allies with America and rely upon them for many things.
> yfw Europeans claim their health care is free despite being forced to pay 10-30% of their income to health care (England is literally fucked in taxes between the royal family tax, university tax, and health care tax)
> yfw Europeans complain about the 2nd ammendment despite America producing ~70% of the world's weaponry. Banning guns would be pointless as they're so readily avalible. It'd actually cause gun violence to rise.
No.4057 : Anonymous Drone [2014-06-15 16:04] 1402862690728.jpg [GIS] (146472 B, 680x798) []
No.4058 : Anonymous Drone [2014-06-15 16:05] 1402862702455.jpg [GIS] (68895 B, 925x583) []
No.4069 : Anonymous Drone [2014-06-23 08:18] 1403525884302.png [GIS] (216295 B, 1351x2249) []
No.4070 : Anonymous Drone [2014-06-23 08:26] 1403526399663.jpg [GIS] (116309 B, 438x720) []
No.4079 : Anonymous Drone [2014-07-05 00:35] 1404534911485.png [GIS] (25497 B, 1322x219) []
No.4093 : Anonymous Drone [2014-07-05 03:56] 1404546993190.jpg [GIS] (85532 B, 1323x309) []
No.4098 : Anonymous Drone [2014-07-07 12:57] 1404752249350.png [GIS] (603134 B, 958x466) []
No.4101 : Anonymous Drone [2014-07-07 22:44] 1404787440811.jpg [GIS] (1347374 B, 1000x4500) []
No.4107 : Anonymous Drone [2014-07-13 07:03] 1405249382795.jpg [GIS] (1006832 B, 1650x1275) []
1006832 B

If all blacks suddenly left America...
(keep in mind blacks only make 13% of the US population)

>The prison population would go down by 37%
>There would be almost 50% less gang members
>Rape would go down significantly
>Overweight and obesity percentage would go down by 10%
>Average IQ would go up 7 points, putting the USA tied for third with Japan
>SAT scores would go up by about 100 points
>ACT scores would go up by 5.5 points
>AIDS and HIV would go down by over 67%
>Chlamydia cases would go down by 50%
>Gonorrhea would go down by 69%
>Syphilis would go would go down by 58%
>The average income would be over 20k more per year
>The amount of people in poverty would go down by over 30%
>Homelessness would go down by 57%
>And the number of welfare recipients would go down by about 40%

















Anthony Walsh (January 2004). Race and crime: a biosocial analysis. Nova Publishers. pp. 23–24. ISBN 978-1-59033-970-1. Retrieved 1 October 2011.

No.4108 : Anonymous Drone [2014-07-17 22:03] 1405649029659.jpg [GIS] (125446 B, 732x608) []
No.4116 : Anonymous Drone [2014-07-22 02:56] 1406012219435.jpg [GIS] (410397 B, 1008x1260) []
410397 B

chimpout advisory guide

No.4123 : Anonymous Drone [2014-07-26 03:01] 1406358101812.webm [GIS] (3088191 B, 480x270) []
3088191 B

nigger apes niggering every chance they get

No.5171 : Anonymous Drone [2014-08-20 21:47] []

if alla you inbred white trash was to re-up tp Yurp things might brighten up for us halfbreeds here

No.5202 : Anonymous Drone [2014-10-08 22:18] 1412821104020.png [GIS] (219647 B, 1500x1600) []
219647 B

Stupid pigs get what they ask for.

No.5209 : Anonymous Drone [2014-10-14 16:19] []

>>5171 what the fuck am i reading?

No.5317 : Anonymous Drone [2014-10-17 23:59] 1413604767837.webm [GIS] (3053630 B, 1080x608) []
3053630 B

fuckin jews

No.5321 : Anonymous Drone [2014-10-21 05:30] []

nazis... the human equivalent of toilet paper.

No.5333 : Anonymous Drone [2014-11-15 03:26] 1416040010194.png [GIS] (846515 B, 1080x1559) []
846515 B

i do nothing all day and yet i still don't have the time to be as worthless as these social justice cultist fucks

wear whatever the fuck you want, matt taylor. the trash who have such pitiful lives that they need to whine on twitter all day could never accomplish what a single hair on your ass has done.

No.5398 : Anonymous Drone [2015-02-11 01:44] 1423637096589.png [GIS] (705167 B, 1221x1080) []
705167 B

same general idea!

No.5436 : Anonymous Drone [2015-05-08 13:56] []

>>2567 yeah this one is not quite right

No.5463 : Anonymous Drone [2015-07-03 08:19] 1435925992049.jpg [GIS] (152067 B, 861x628) []
No.5469 : Anonymous Drone [2015-07-30 23:06] 1438311976876.jpg [GIS] (115966 B, 758x542) []
115966 B

with jews, you lose; doesn't matter what century it is

No.5516 : Anonymous Drone [2015-08-12 13:45] 1439401558956.jpg [GIS] (1960726 B, 1500x2268) []
1960726 B

we aren't equal

No.5517 : Anonymous Drone [2015-08-12 13:46] 1439401572886.jpg [GIS] (67921 B, 400x405) []
No.5518 : Anonymous Drone [2015-08-12 13:47] 1439401628975.jpg [GIS] (224464 B, 1023x767) []
No.5519 : Anonymous Drone [2015-08-12 14:28] 1439404125758.png [GIS] (1040874 B, 616x2030) []
1040874 B

violent crime

No.5520 : Anonymous Drone [2015-08-12 14:30] 1439404225004.png [GIS] (535841 B, 1024x764) []
No.5541 : Anonymous Drone [2015-08-18 08:41] 1439901707815.webm [GIS] (12037463 B, 640x480) []
12037463 B


No.5577 : Anonymous Drone [2015-09-03 16:52] 1441313534013.webm [GIS] (1985618 B, 352x640) []
1985618 B

did anyone expect anything else?

No.5580 : Anonymous Drone [2015-09-04 14:01] 1441389695657.jpg [GIS] (426897 B, 1200x1288) []
426897 B

family photo

No.5629 : Anonymous Drone [2015-09-12 14:39] 1442083151311.jpg [GIS] (41102 B, 640x482) []
No.5647 : Anonymous Drone [2015-09-14 23:37] 1442288276610.jpg [GIS] (79214 B, 584x358) []
79214 B

nothing surprising about this

No.5651 : Anonymous Drone [2015-09-16 05:42] 1442396544834.jpg [GIS] (477920 B, 840x3733) []
No.5678 : Anonymous Drone [2015-10-26 14:51] 1445885501047.webm [GIS] (3518456 B, 480x250) []
3518456 B

thanks /pol/

No.5699 : Anonymous Drone [2015-10-29 23:54] 1446177276290.webm [GIS] (2503638 B, 360x640) []
2503638 B


No.5710 : Anonymous Drone [2015-11-29 11:41] 1448815270650.png [GIS] (98489 B, 539x396) []
98489 B

Are you white on the inside?

No.5761 : Anonymous Drone [2016-02-20 00:02] 1455944539066.jpg [GIS] (67249 B, 422x619) []
67249 B

trump is love

No.5764 : Anonymous Drone [2016-03-13 01:11] 1457849496322.png [GIS] (688717 B, 714x764) []
No.5767 : Anonymous Drone [2016-03-25 09:31] 1458912700205.jpg [GIS] (126078 B, 563x703) []
126078 B

Captain Multiculti

No.5805 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-04 07:53] 1470311637987.jpg [GIS] (140763 B, 695x850) []
No.5806 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-04 07:54] 1470311652251.webm [GIS] (740491 B, 480x360) []
No.5807 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-04 07:54] 1470311699639.webm [GIS] (2755497 B, 750x422) []
No.5817 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-19 07:23] 1471605834143.jpg [GIS] (296431 B, 957x944) []
296431 B
>reported being confused

who'd have thought

No.5818 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-19 07:30] 1471606255736.png [GIS] (1105306 B, 653x1730) []
1105306 B

What do you think about the state Germany has been in for the last century?

No.5819 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-19 07:32] 1471606320130.jpg [GIS] (43095 B, 640x480) []
No.5820 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-19 07:33] 1471606387166.jpg [GIS] (305241 B, 1898x1346) []
305241 B
>town rapist
No.5821 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-19 07:33] 1471606427595.jpg [GIS] (200988 B, 1164x1141) []
200988 B

>>5818 this is what we're heading for, right?

No.5822 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-19 07:47] 1471607270797.jpg [GIS] (70157 B, 584x236) []
No.5823 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-19 07:50] 1471607418895.jpg [GIS] (2053990 B, 1000x9000) []
No.5824 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-19 07:51] 1471607471730.jpg [GIS] (714049 B, 1438x1604) []
No.5825 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-19 07:51] 1471607489246.jpg [GIS] (110324 B, 699x644) []
No.5826 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-19 07:52] 1471607556949.jpg [GIS] (67701 B, 530x689) []
No.5879 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-22 07:44] 1471866276040.jpg [GIS] (89928 B, 500x500) []
No.5880 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-22 07:59] 1471867184575.jpg [GIS] (68407 B, 800x430) []
No.5881 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-22 08:20] 1471868400991.jpg [GIS] (2105151 B, 3000x4500) []
2105151 B

Cultural Marxism

No.5888 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-25 02:17] 1472105839195.webm [GIS] (1614594 B, 1280x720) []
1614594 B


No.5889 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-25 02:17] 1472105851878.webm [GIS] (3114762 B, 800x450) []
No.5890 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-25 02:19] 1472105969514.gif [GIS] (2787883 B, 450x300) []
No.5892 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-25 13:48] 1472147297782.jpg [GIS] (64159 B, 704x562) []
64159 B
>Use strength and cooperation to do something innovative
>White people things

Sounds about right.

No.5903 : Anonymous Drone [2016-08-26 23:43] 1472269405818.jpg [GIS] (412969 B, 1200x835) []
No.5912 : Anonymous Drone [2016-09-17 14:33] 1474137200064.png [GIS] (5780 B, 356x480) []
5780 B

abstract merchant

No.5914 : Anonymous Drone [2016-09-17 17:12] 1474146775317.jpg [GIS] (256006 B, 760x800) []
No.5936 : Heaven [2016-11-11 22:53] 1478922826362.jpg [GIS] (138111 B, 640x480) []
138111 B

I think you are the only garbage here

No.5972 : Anonymous Drone [2017-01-13 21:26] 1484360773500.webm [GIS] (4187721 B, 380x212) []
4187721 B

why actually help people when you can much more easily feel good about yourself by pretending you're helping by letting a handful of people with incompatible values move to your country instead

No.5982 : Anonymous Drone [2017-01-14 00:19] 1484371196347.webm [GIS] (3969882 B, 320x240) []
3969882 B

twist everything

No.6005 : Anonymous Drone [2017-02-10 16:36] []


No.6015 : Anonymous Drone [2017-02-15 10:58] 1487174301007.jpg [GIS] (110461 B, 1118x526) []
110461 B

sweden then and now

No.6021 : Anonymous Drone [2017-02-15 11:13] 1487175221276.jpg [GIS] (142921 B, 587x884) []
No.6025 : Anonymous Drone [2017-02-15 11:29] 1487176149247.jpg [GIS] (76466 B, 496x604) []
76466 B

germany then and now

No.6028 : Anonymous Drone [2017-02-25 00:04] 1487999061028.png [GIS] (347996 B, 376x498) []
No.6063 : Anonymous Drone [2017-03-16 23:22] 1489720942825.webm [GIS] (3547230 B, 638x360) []
3547230 B

Rules of race.

No.6085 : Anonymous Drone [2017-03-18 01:12] 1489813971116.png [GIS] (474191 B, 1296x912) []
No.6086 : Anonymous Drone [2017-03-18 01:18] 1489814287319.jpg [GIS] (738979 B, 3904x1788) []
738979 B

zimbabwe lol

No.6087 : Anonymous Drone [2017-03-18 21:29] 1489886997459.webm [GIS] (4119908 B, 540x360) []
4119908 B

interesting, bullets don't knock you down

No.6088 : Anonymous Drone [2017-03-18 21:30] 1489887006616.webm [GIS] (239995 B, 569x402) []
239995 B

human cooperation strategies

No.6089 : Anonymous Drone [2017-03-20 01:48] 1489988919284.webm [GIS] (2742012 B, 640x360) []
2742012 B

Why is it that only European former colonialist countries have to be punished?

No.6090 : Anonymous Drone [2017-03-20 02:06] 1489990003200.webm [GIS] (1588447 B, 1280x720) []
1588447 B

That thousand yard stare.
and you know what's racing through his mind too.

>has she ever cheated on me?
>if she hasn't she's just made it obvious she'd be fine with not telling me
>she really didn't seem like the type of person to cheat
>I don't think I'll be able to see her the same way again
No.6091 : Anonymous Drone [2017-03-20 02:07] 1489990066028.webm [GIS] (2259317 B, 640x360) []
2259317 B

really makes you think

No.6092 : Anonymous Drone [2017-03-20 02:25] 1489991150998.webm [GIS] (3904553 B, 800x450) []
3904553 B

what kind of an idiot still believes any government's security agency's public claims?

No.6107 : Anonymous Drone [2017-03-29 01:20] 1490764832240.jpg [GIS] (270788 B, 1200x1659) []
270788 B

meat is for the man

No.6108 : Anonymous Drone [2017-03-29 01:21] 1490764866388.jpg [GIS] (158466 B, 512x768) []
158466 B

iranian women

No.6109 : Anonymous Drone [2017-03-29 01:21] 1490764886533.gif [GIS] (876616 B, 500x333) []
No.6110 : Anonymous Drone [2017-03-29 01:21] 1490764897902.jpg [GIS] (486070 B, 1100x619) []
No.6114 : Anonymous Drone [2017-04-05 01:16] 1491369367452.jpg [GIS] (1000160 B, 812x6024) []
1000160 B


No.6119 : Anonymous Drone [2017-04-22 15:10] 1492888252390.jpg [GIS] (396440 B, 1028x1214) []
396440 B

You can't ignore the truth forever.

No.6121 : Anonymous Drone [2017-04-30 11:24] 1493565875910.webm [GIS] (2127924 B, 720x404) []
No.6122 : Anonymous Drone [2017-04-30 11:29] 1493566145811.jpg [GIS] (42107 B, 430x558) []
No.6126 : Anonymous Drone [2017-05-07 00:58] 1494133138078.jpg [GIS] (75661 B, 610x682) []
No.6141 : Anonymous Drone [2017-05-30 06:10] []

crack is a hell of a drug

No.6162 : Anonymous Drone [2017-06-25 12:37] 1498408673790.jpg [GIS] (429294 B, 1024x1199) []
No.6163 : Anonymous Drone [2017-06-25 13:02] 1498410174834.jpg [GIS] (89934 B, 640x576) []
No.6194 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-02 12:10] 1501690201608.jpg [GIS] (61753 B, 640x531) []
No.6195 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-02 12:15] 1501690538268.jpg [GIS] (86971 B, 850x480) []
No.6197 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-05 12:32] 1501950773122.png [GIS] (514556 B, 965x691) []
No.6198 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-05 20:42] 1501980123159.png [GIS] (398395 B, 420x628) []
No.6202 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-10 04:10] 1502352610877.jpg [GIS] (210123 B, 1035x844) []
No.6205 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-18 23:52] 1503114721227.png [GIS] (21751 B, 616x190) []
No.6206 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-18 23:53] 1503114784247.jpg [GIS] (115047 B, 780x585) []
115047 B

poor adolf

bullying is never okay!

No.6209 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-21 01:45] 1503294307389.jpg [GIS] (672482 B, 2029x2421) []
672482 B

the swiftest taylor

No.6210 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-21 01:45] 1503294317206.jpg [GIS] (120442 B, 780x860) []
No.6211 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-22 11:06] 1503414403316.jpg [GIS] (110339 B, 1024x530) []
110339 B

yes mel

No.6212 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-22 11:08] 1503414495035.jpg [GIS] (45786 B, 460x618) []
No.6214 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-22 11:08] 1503414532307.png [GIS] (1559181 B, 1000x1512) []
No.6215 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-22 11:09] 1503414594868.jpg [GIS] (70184 B, 763x768) []
No.6217 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-22 11:10] 1503414614234.jpg [GIS] (520421 B, 3300x1840) []
No.6218 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-22 11:10] 1503414630131.jpg [GIS] (607347 B, 4228x2944) []
No.6219 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-22 11:58] 1503417533682.jpg [GIS] (1021330 B, 1440x2271) []
No.6220 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-22 12:01] 1503417672267.png [GIS] (2429585 B, 1440x1407) []
No.6221 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-22 12:03] 1503417790883.jpg [GIS] (82220 B, 720x776) []
No.6222 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-22 12:05] 1503417950831.jpg [GIS] (21386 B, 480x428) []
No.6223 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-23 23:04] 1503543845156.jpg [GIS] (157001 B, 474x864) []
No.6227 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-28 13:50] 1503942641604.png [GIS] (354807 B, 624x533) []
No.6228 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-28 16:31] 1503952281302.png [GIS] (434697 B, 620x962) []
No.6229 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-29 03:42] 1503992552064.jpg [GIS] (121579 B, 840x767) []
No.6230 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-29 03:44] 1503992660548.jpg [GIS] (81521 B, 600x300) []
No.6231 : Anonymous Drone [2017-08-31 21:43] 1504230220126.jpg [GIS] (60702 B, 584x960) []
No.6239 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-04 20:29] 1504571343496.png [GIS] (1244741 B, 1320x1450) []
No.6240 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-06 18:42] 1504737758810.jpg [GIS] (1551107 B, 1280x1174) []
No.6241 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-08 01:28] 1504848496733.png [GIS] (454703 B, 2048x791) []
No.6243 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-12 22:06] 1505268378324.jpg [GIS] (34201 B, 480x478) []
34201 B
>stop having children to stop global warming btw you need immigrants because you're not having enough children :^)
No.6244 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-12 23:01] 1505271710254.jpg [GIS] (2424407 B, 1303x4720) []
2424407 B

not that anyone expected anything different from what this guy posted

No.6245 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-12 23:04] 1505271855418.jpg [GIS] (56401 B, 750x481) []
No.6248 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-15 22:59] 1505530770774.jpg [GIS] (109045 B, 960x720) []
No.6249 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-19 21:53] 1505872432462.jpg [GIS] (1051147 B, 1306x2760) []
No.6313 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-20 22:26] 1505960795486.jpg [GIS] (43433 B, 477x637) []
43433 B


No.6314 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-24 14:26] 1506277573729.png [GIS] (398409 B, 1007x764) []
No.6315 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-24 14:50] 1506279035826.png [GIS] (1819713 B, 1864x6888) []
1819713 B

white on black crime

No.6316 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-24 14:50] 1506279048537.jpg [GIS] (2247437 B, 5136x2736) []
2247437 B

whites killing blacks

No.6323 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-27 03:40] 1506498000584.png [GIS] (189018 B, 1200x1763) []
189018 B


No.6324 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-27 23:00] 1506567616415.png [GIS] (637149 B, 1268x1645) []
637149 B

open your eyes

No.6326 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-29 00:06] 1506657979020.jpg [GIS] (145071 B, 648x739) []
No.6327 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-29 22:45] 1506739500467.jpg [GIS] (889497 B, 2048x1654) []
No.6336 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-30 13:37] 1506793067070.jpg [GIS] (136701 B, 960x940) []
136701 B

really makes you think

No.6340 : Anonymous Drone [2017-09-30 21:49] 1506822553652.jpg [GIS] (134367 B, 525x700) []
No.6359 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-08 07:33] 1507462383600.jpg [GIS] (97382 B, 1024x690) []
No.6360 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-09 05:52] 1507542762920.png [GIS] (24862 B, 459x594) []
No.6361 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-09 09:18] 1507555098335.jpg [GIS] (290969 B, 950x1024) []
No.6365 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-10 08:20] 1507638020551.jpg [GIS] (39708 B, 400x368) []
No.6383 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-11 07:56] 1507722975308.jpg [GIS] (203619 B, 907x858) []
No.6389 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-13 08:18] 1507897114724.jpg [GIS] (389875 B, 1044x1194) []
No.6390 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-13 08:47] 1507898831525.jpg [GIS] (109245 B, 1051x871) []
109245 B

Swedish dentist Bernt Herlitz revealed to authorities that after checking the molar teeth of hundreds of migrant children that 80% of the so-called children were actually adults. Herlitz was quickly fired and now may lose his home.

No.6391 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-13 08:51] 1507899069585.jpg [GIS] (160555 B, 663x784) []
No.6393 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-13 08:58] 1507899532703.png [GIS] (212711 B, 680x756) []
No.6394 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-13 08:58] 1507899537863.jpg [GIS] (157201 B, 655x675) []
No.6395 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-13 08:59] 1507899543509.jpg [GIS] (108182 B, 681x866) []
No.6396 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-13 08:59] 1507899554648.png [GIS] (1164278 B, 998x1356) []
No.6397 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-13 12:12] 1507911120803.jpg [GIS] (337694 B, 583x4000) []
No.6398 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-13 12:12] 1507911135462.png [GIS] (3770075 B, 3902x3733) []
No.6399 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-13 12:12] 1507911144784.png [GIS] (1425944 B, 1164x522) []
No.6400 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-13 12:12] 1507911152353.jpg [GIS] (98858 B, 692x960) []
No.6401 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-13 12:12] 1507911159596.jpg [GIS] (136593 B, 720x869) []
No.6402 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-13 12:12] 1507911166625.jpg [GIS] (148631 B, 1024x1014) []
No.6405 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-14 23:16] 1508037366540.jpg [GIS] (716919 B, 1207x1043) []
No.6406 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-14 23:16] 1508037372839.jpg [GIS] (771433 B, 1259x962) []
No.6408 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-15 22:20] 1508120452408.jpg [GIS] (177548 B, 960x600) []
No.6409 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-16 06:56] 1508151367104.png [GIS] (480678 B, 660x660) []
No.6410 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-16 06:56] 1508151380256.png [GIS] (312512 B, 478x258) []
No.6411 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-16 10:49] 1508165350581.png [GIS] (108506 B, 600x878) []
No.6412 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-16 13:50] 1508176224684.png [GIS] (977231 B, 1414x631) []
No.6413 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-16 13:51] 1508176260991.jpg [GIS] (147757 B, 791x1024) []
147757 B

end white privilege

No.6415 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-17 00:23] 1508214191017.jpg [GIS] (259848 B, 856x1202) []
No.6416 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-17 22:31] 1508293919118.png [GIS] (121404 B, 500x599) []
121404 B
>be a high school drop out
>cant read and write well
>hand writing looks like an attempt by a crippled retard
>no goals
>no ambition
>move to Africa
>instantly jump into the top 10th percentile
>win noble peace prize
>get face on time magazine
No.6417 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-18 14:22] 1508350947821.jpg [GIS] (206396 B, 600x496) []
No.6418 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-18 15:25] 1508354759306.jpg [GIS] (603037 B, 1355x1600) []
No.6419 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-18 15:28] 1508354882391.jpg [GIS] (141776 B, 344x443) []
No.6420 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-18 23:05] 1508382345017.png [GIS] (255672 B, 720x393) []
No.6421 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-20 20:24] 1508545449454.png [GIS] (667303 B, 600x900) []
No.6422 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-20 21:03] 1508547834341.png [GIS] (976441 B, 1080x1742) []
No.6423 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-20 21:10] 1508548221764.jpg [GIS] (262730 B, 1000x822) []
No.6424 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-22 08:11] 1508674315972.jpg [GIS] (110232 B, 720x931) []
110232 B

Burma Burmese Buddhists Rohingya Maynmar Muslim

No.6428 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-23 07:17] 1508757430049.jpg [GIS] (110629 B, 575x767) []
No.6429 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-23 07:17] 1508757462502.jpg [GIS] (201976 B, 650x590) []
No.6430 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-23 07:18] 1508757487666.jpg [GIS] (141175 B, 876x1023) []
No.6431 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-23 07:18] 1508757494904.jpg [GIS] (176855 B, 876x960) []
No.6432 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-23 07:18] 1508757503884.jpg [GIS] (73824 B, 768x612) []
No.6433 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-23 07:18] 1508757536234.jpg [GIS] (90959 B, 1024x576) []
No.6435 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-23 07:22] 1508757724159.jpg [GIS] (82727 B, 661x444) []
No.6436 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-23 08:12] 1508760738744.jpg [GIS] (89546 B, 693x943) []
No.6437 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-23 08:14] 1508760886583.png [GIS] (160806 B, 1038x624) []
No.6438 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-23 08:15] 1508760907052.png [GIS] (868000 B, 1080x1055) []
No.6439 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-23 13:58] 1508781529642.jpg [GIS] (364541 B, 1600x2812) []
No.6440 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-23 14:03] 1508781781066.png [GIS] (580309 B, 878x901) []
580309 B

look at the loser and his video games!

No.6441 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-23 14:04] 1508781890281.jpg [GIS] (95595 B, 674x672) []
95595 B

henry ford

No.6531 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-26 08:31] 1509021076980.png [GIS] (184394 B, 500x618) []
No.6535 : Anonymous Drone [2017-10-31 12:47] 1509468468279.jpg [GIS] (114660 B, 1080x1080) []
114660 B

wtf I'm fucking retarded now

No.6536 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-01 07:00] 1509534038712.png [GIS] (555281 B, 598x622) []
555281 B

Holy shit are they this stupid?!

>Get the mobile Jew
>Snaps, sexts, pussy shots to Chad
>Phone classifying pictures by what's in them
>OMG it's got a folder for all my pussy hole shots called "We hab da meatss"
No.6538 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-01 07:01] 1509534106385.png [GIS] (327748 B, 606x410) []
327748 B

They just can't fucking stop attention whoring can they?

>omg I am so shokked that all these racy pictures are in my phone... what an invasion of privacy from Apple
No.6540 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-01 07:56] 1509537393019.png [GIS] (1681577 B, 1280x3127) []
No.6541 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-01 07:56] 1509537398577.jpg [GIS] (98657 B, 650x1118) []
No.6542 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-01 07:56] 1509537407959.jpg [GIS] (71011 B, 1210x259) []
71011 B
No.6543 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-03 08:04] []

dude weed lmao http://archive.is/DAmXK

No.6546 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-04 14:55] 1509821733339.png [GIS] (332591 B, 1260x2168) []
332591 B

(ignore spelling errors in pic)


The unspoken problems of race mixing.

IQ of offspring shifts towards the average for the race.

Certain genes for large brains, linked to high IQ, are common everywhere except Africa.

Environment accounts for little or none of the USA racial IQ gap:

In academic standardized testing , the wealthiest Black children underperform all but the poorest White children and just barely outperform even them.

Even when IQ is controlled for, Blacks display higher measurements of psychopathic personality than Whites:


Violent crime correlates more tightly with race than with wealth or population density:

Race is also more tightly correlated to homicide rate
Having 1 girl doesnt saves shit

No.6547 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-04 14:58] []

Let me preface this by saying that I don't doubt that there exists some Sub-Saharan admixture in some West Eurasian (Caucasoid) groups, and I've quantified the different types of African admixture that can be found in many such groups, most recently here.

However, there are serious methodological flaws in a new paper by Moorjani et al. which render its estimates unreliable. This is unfortunate, as the authors assembled an important dataset, but they only consider a very simplistic model of 2-population admixture which is completely inappropriate for the problem they are studying.


No.6552 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-06 08:18] 1509974309971.png [GIS] (114262 B, 877x2078) []
No.6553 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-06 20:12] 1510017141246.png [GIS] (888832 B, 1125x907) []
No.6554 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-06 20:12] 1510017152305.gif [GIS] (2399746 B, 600x338) []
No.6555 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-06 20:17] 1510017457610.png [GIS] (2536528 B, 1980x2000) []
No.6556 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-06 20:19] 1510017556258.jpg [GIS] (449022 B, 5000x2747) []
No.6557 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-06 20:22] 1510017744538.webm [GIS] (2556477 B, 1280x720) []
No.6558 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-07 11:08] 1510070927531.gif [GIS] (2164290 B, 624x335) []
No.6559 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-07 22:31] []

How to debunk a crazy college professor.

1) stand the fuck up and walk the fuck out of his class
2) continue walking until you reach the admission office
3) drop class
4) ask to speak to the dean of admissions
5) ask for your money back on the class and tell him why

No.6561 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-08 19:35] 1510187743360.jpg [GIS] (100375 B, 1080x877) []
No.6563 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-08 20:32] 1510191147408.png [GIS] (425149 B, 692x639) []
No.6565 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-08 21:35] 1510194930072.jpg [GIS] (345876 B, 2000x800) []
No.6566 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-11 06:38] 1510400301155.png [GIS] (537361 B, 716x1034) []
537361 B

It's getting harder and harder to not out right hate niggers. WE WUZ KHANGZ/INJUNZ/JEWS/BAE'TOBEN/CELTZ AND WE WUZ DA AJINZ TO.
May as well make black history month world wide and a year long, then scrap the calendar because niggers don't keep time.

No.6568 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-11 06:42] []

>>6566 Is there any culture that doesn't hate niggers? I mean think about it. White Americans conquered the natives, committed the most successful genocide ever against them, forced them off their land on to reservations with other tribes they hated, forced them to dress like us, act like us, and learn our language and beat them for speaking their language, and basically destroyed their culture to the point that nobody can really remember what it was, and yet they hate niggers more then the white man.

It is fucking incredible the power of hating niggers has to being even the greatest of enemies together.

No.6569 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-12 19:59] 1510534774881.png [GIS] (246049 B, 1876x796) []
246049 B

>>6552 take your iodine

No.6576 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-13 07:06] 1510574804967.jpg [GIS] (32422 B, 341x440) []
32422 B

Translation: Fatass

Translation: Annoying bitchy personality.

Translation: Stronk independent wymen who ain't never having kids. Also completely useless around the house. Can't into cooking or cleaning.

Translation: Can't plan ahead, and makes irresponsible decisions. Like getting drunk and pregnant at a party.

Translation: Not funny, but people laugh at her jokes because she has boobs, and they want to fuck her.

Translation: Likes to party and fuck chads.

-Goal Oriented-
Translation: See; Ambitious.

-I'm a Nerd-
Translation: I'm an attention whore that scores a few extra attention points by catering to a niche market of thirsty males.

-Love to Laugh-
Translation: I have no personality, and demand to be entertained by men.

-Love to Travel-
Translation: I love spending daddy's money to fuck brown men in other countries.

No.6579 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-14 19:46] 1510706814108.png [GIS] (460470 B, 607x525) []
460470 B

To gild refined gold, to paint the lily, to throw a perfume on the violet, to smooth the ice, or add another hue unto the rainbow, or with taper-light to seek the beauteous eye of heaven to garnish, is wasteful and ridiculous excess.

No.6580 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-14 19:47] 1510706839943.png [GIS] (107491 B, 620x951) []
107491 B

Same goes with tattoos. You don't put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.

No.6581 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-14 19:50] 1510707048039.png [GIS] (26064 B, 690x125) []
26064 B

Isn't it the height of equality to desire the sight of women in their unaltered state? Why do feminists even wear makeup, anyway? Isn't makeup part of that old oppressive patriarchy?

No.6582 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-14 19:52] 1510707161180.png [GIS] (489186 B, 720x1280) []
489186 B

Women are judged by their beauty. They know it instinctually. They've managed to standardize their beauty with makeup. The difference between a beautiful woman without makeup and an ugly one is MASSIVE. With makeup, there isn't a huge difference. There is A difference, but makeup closes the powergap.
Feminism and female unity would crumble if women stopped wearing makeup. Ugly women would hate pretty women. Pretty women wouldn't need feminism. There's some of that already with their bodies. But if faces became an issue too?

No.6583 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-14 20:11] 1510708294375.jpg [GIS] (93146 B, 960x960) []
93146 B

Heres an actual makeup on/off comparison pic. Feed this in the app to test how accurate it is.

No.6584 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-14 20:12] 1510708321647.jpg [GIS] (362253 B, 1200x600) []
362253 B

Not only is it accurate, the program is erring in favor of the woman...

No.6585 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-14 20:13] 1510708385151.jpg [GIS] (195337 B, 948x934) []
195337 B

Holy fuck thats accurate.
But if anything its more forgiving of women who slap it on like cement.

No.6586 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-14 20:27] 1510709221193.png [GIS] (19337 B, 583x162) []
19337 B
>Comparing dick to face

Not only is that a false equivalence of the worst kind, thinking that the size of a flaccid dick has ANY relevance to anything is completely retarded considering it gives no indication whatsoever of the erect size. But then again what am I supposed to expect of liberals and their knowledge of genitalia, they can't even figure out what genitalia goes on which gender.

No.6589 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-27 12:04] 1511802251900.jpg [GIS] (452955 B, 638x3464) []
No.6590 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-27 12:04] 1511802289867.png [GIS] (1208031 B, 1298x1170) []
No.6591 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-27 12:56] 1511805397826.jpg [GIS] (83228 B, 529x669) []
83228 B

It's offensive to them because even with ugly brown skin, a white girl is one hundred time hotter than they are.

No.6592 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-27 12:59] 1511805578689.jpg [GIS] (145357 B, 675x1200) []
No.6593 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-27 13:04] 1511805856904.jpg [GIS] (163965 B, 775x578) []
163965 B

Black fragility is real, I recently realized that “white fragility” is pure projection because you don’t see white people chimping out over the most irrelevant shit like an Instagram picture, they are too chill for that

No.6594 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-29 03:32] 1511944335260.png [GIS] (314929 B, 1259x2072) []
314929 B

popular fallacies used to push race mixing

No.6596 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-29 03:38] 1511944731100.jpg [GIS] (186909 B, 1000x837) []
186909 B

What is the genetic ideal mate?

What is the ideal range within which one should have their mate?

Way back during the Neolithic (10,000 years ago) the entire global human population was only 1 million. Back then there were many small tribes all over the planet except in Antarctica. A human population requires a minimum 500 breeding individuals to avoid inbreeding depression.

We should consider too that if one marries an individual a bit too closely related to them, their offspring should mate with individuals a bit further than the fixed ideal to compensate for it. So the ideal mate may fluctuate within a range.

This study from Iceland (Europe's most homogenous society) http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/02/080207140855.htm finds that the optimal mate is a third cousin.

Here is a summary of one study that finds their are health consequences related with exogamy: http://majorityrights.com/weblog/comments/the_health_consequences_of_race_mixing/

Another article supporting endogamy:

Another summary of the study:
Mixedrace children suffer from more health problems:

Humanity started as one race but will NEVER return to being one race. It is literally mathematically and scientifically impossible, even if every race blanddas up as hard as they can. What's more, human evolution is actually taking place faster now than any time in human history. Races are actually evolving apart now faster than can breed and the birth rate is pretty shit as it is. Add that to the fact the vast majority of people generally prefer their own race as mate. Plus they have more health problems and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outbreeding_depression

It's over.

Anyway, someone else of interest of all of /pol/, leftards are actively trying to suppress and censor science that doesn't agree with their insane fairy tale egalitarian religion (see pic with green txt).

Despite the propaganda the liberal media uses to try and blow out your eardrums, the scientific consensus suggests that adult IQ is roughly 75-85% inherited (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heritability_of_IQ). But due to the currently taboo nature of this fact, Western researchers are unlikely to even suggest such things publicly without sacrificing their careers (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_watson#Comments). The Chinese suffer no such ultimately dysgenic superstitions and are forging ahead in their attempts to crack the code. This might be one of the main reasons why the coming century could belong to them.

So basically put, the leftists will destroy science for their sake of MUH FEELINGS and the chinks will beat us to death for it.

No.6597 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-29 03:39] 1511944762173.jpg [GIS] (31961 B, 298x389) []
31961 B
>just like dogs

The models/simulations in these studies are based on understanding evolutionary genetics, on how migration influenced evolution, which makes them excellent sources for metaphors on the effects of modern immigration rates in human populations.

A massively well-funded study of over 100,000 schoolchildren found that “Adolescents who identify themselves as mixed race are at higher health and behavior risk than those of 1 race.” Indeed, even when controlling for education, socioeconomic status, and other factors, there is an across-the board higher rate of health risks amongst mixed race adolescents than mono-racial adolescents.

One study found that White-Asian mixes had a 2x higher rate of being “diagnosed with a psychological disorder, such as anxiety, depression or substance abuse.”

A study on Black-White mixes in agreement found that ”When it comes to engaging in risky/anti-social adolescent behavior, however, mixed race adolescents are stark outliers compared to both blacks and whites.” This holds true despite being raised in similar environments to mono-racial children.

Often race-deniers and cultural Marxists will bring up Haldane’s rule, arguing that since races can mix and create fertile offspring, the genetic distance is not too great. Haldane’s rule is “when in the offspring of two different animal races one sex is absent, rare, or sterile, that sex is the heterogametic [XY] sex.”

Indeed, although Black-White mixes are not sterile and males are not absent, males (the heterogametic sex) are more rare than females.

The argument regarding Haldane’s rule is also meaningless because different species in the animal kingdom can breed and still produce fertile offspring. The wolf (Canis lupus) and the dog (Canis lupus familiaris), the coyote (Canis latrans), and the common jackal (Canis aureus) are separate species yet can all interbreed and produce fertile offspring.

Two species of orangutan (Pongo abellii from Sumatra and Pongo pygmaeus from Borneo) can interbreed despite having different chromosomal numbers.

The common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and the bonobo (Pan paniscus) and many species of birds, such as the pintail (Anas acuta) and the mallard (Anas platyrhynchos), can interbreed as well.

The gibbon and the siamang can also interbreed to produce a hybrid

Some species that aren’t even in the same genus can interbreed.

Black Americans are a hybrid race of around 22% White ancestry

This 22% ancestry is the cause of multiple negative health effects due to genetic incompatibility. Indeed, consistent with Haldane’s rule, unmixed Blacks from Africa and White Americans do not have the same rate of birth problems that hybrid American Blacks have: “In 2005, the mortality rate for black infants was 4.4 times higher than that of white infants… African women who come to the United States and have babies experience the same low rate of infant deaths as white American mothers.”
http://t1nyurl.com/6tr9e6t (docs.google)

No.6598 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-29 03:39] 1511944785135.png [GIS] (782896 B, 586x942) []
782896 B

“Indiscriminate interbreeding between distinct forms, whether ‘species’ or markedly different races, is not generally beneficial. The defect may show in a change in the sex-ratio of the offspring, probably caused by the early abortion of members of one sex, generally the male in the case of mammals.”

LTA4H, or “leukotriene A4 hydrolase” is found on chromosome 17. An allele of this gene increases the risk of heart attack (the #1 cause of death in America) in Blacks by more than 250%, but only 16% in Whites. The 30% of Whites with this allele have counteracting genes, while the 6% of Black Americans who obtained it through race mixing do not.

The average rate of success for mixed race couples is around half that of same race couples, 0.127 compared to 0.213.

There is evidence that the more similar the two people are, the happier their marriage tends to be.

A study in Iceland showed that 3rd cousin marriages are the most fertile and successful. Suggesting that mating within one's ethnic/racial group would be more beneficial than outside of one's ethnic/racial group.

One study showed that people tend to find their own face when morphed into the opposite sex most attractive, even when he/she doesn't know it's his own face, strongly suggesting that people typically prefer those who look like themselves, in other words their own racial/ethnic group.

Hybrid vigor (heterosis) does not seem to apply to humans as we are already very heterozygous, at 0.776 [http://mbe.oxfordjournals.org/content/14/7/707.full.pdf] Compared to dogs for example at 0.401. [http://www.eebweb.arizona.edu/Courses/Ecol406R_506R/Garcia-Moreno1996-Wolf.pdf]

Although some argue that race mixing "averages out" traits and since average faces are considered more attractive [http://cs.brown.edu/courses/cs143/2009/lecture13.pdf] then mixed race offspring are more attractive.

However this is fallacious as it assumes we are designed for perfect symmetry, when in fact the magnitude of asymmetry is the correct measurement and this random component fulctuates, also called "fluctuating asymmetry" - so more honestly a lower level of asymmetry correlates with increased attractiveness, not symmetry.

But does increased heterozygosity cause lower asymmetry? A meta analysis of 118 datasets in 14 studies showed a very weak inverse correlation between the two, showing that increased heterozygosity has no beneficial effect on symmetry or asymmetry

One study on the craniofacial morphology in White-Amerindian mixed race individuals found that over half of the 52 shape variables deviated from the mathematical average completely shattering the above argument.

The neurotransmitter oxytocin "makes people more co-operative, benevolent, loyal, generous and trusting of others. It is involved in the parent-child bond - new mothers and fathers have raised levels of oxytocin. Production also increases when people hug and when they have sex and, recent research suggests, when they receive psychological warmth." However, oxytocin has been alleged to "foster racism."

The study found that "intergroup bias that fuels prejudice, xenophobia, and intergroup violence… Which maybe modulated by brain oxytocin." This suggests that the instinctual desire to pursue the interests of one's own ethnic group to further ensure the existence of one's people is linked to racial bias, coinciding with the observation that diversity is a weakness, not a strength.

One study found that during the menstrual cycle when women have a higher likeihood of conception, racial bias is increased, especially when the likeihood of sexual intercourse was increased; "increased conception risk was positively associated with several measures of race bias. This association was particularly strong when perceived vulnerability to sexual coercion was high."

>Although egalitarians suggest that only a racist would consider race when it comes to reproduction and mate choice, this study observed a general, innate tendency to prefer one's own race especially when most likely to be impregnated.


No.6599 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-29 03:40] 1511944806125.jpg [GIS] (895671 B, 1517x1175) []
895671 B

udies reveal racial segregation in dating:

As in all similar studies, White females are the most likely to exclude those who are not members of their race.

Judging from the first picture, I think someone needs to tell non-whites that there simply isn’t enough white people to go around.

-“One of the most striking findings is that white women who describe themselves as slim, slender, athletic, fit or average are nearly seven times as likely to exclude black men as dates as women who describe themselves as thick, voluptuous, a few extra pounds, or large. This finding is consistent with racial–beauty exchange theories in that white women who do not meet conventional standards of beauty (in terms of having a thinner body type) are more open to dating black men, who may be considered a lower status group.”

>“While political views also have no effect on racial exclusion by white men, white women who describe themselves as liberal or very liberal are less likely to exclude black men as dates than women who are not political, middle of the road, or conservative. Surprisingly, liberal white women appear more likely to exclude Asian men as dates.”
>“Among white men, however, a preference for a particular body type increases the likelihood of excluding black women as possible dates substantially. Similarly, a preference for a particular height by white women substantially increases the likelihood of excluding Asian men.”
>“These findings suggest that the idea that black women or Asian men are associated with undesirable physical and social characteristics may be part of the reason they are so highly excluded by white men and women.
>“Therefore, an openness to dating black men among these white women may actually reflect their knowledge that they do not fit the conventional beauty standards that appeal to white men.”
>Lower attractiveness and higher weight in White girls is associated with greater interest in Black males. Higher attractiveness and healthy weight is associated with almost exclusive interest in White males.


>“They also found that those who grew up in places where there were many people of another race were less likely to date that race.”


>Peaceful co-existence through ethnic nationalism
>In exactly one region, a porous mountain range does not adequately separate linguistic groups and violent conflict has led to the recent creation of the canton of Jura. Our analysis supports the hypothesis that violence between groups can be inhibited by physical and political boundaries. A similar analysis of the area of the former Yugoslavia shows that during widespread ethnic violence existing political boundaries did not coincide with the boundaries of distinct groups, but peace prevailed in specific areas where they did coincide. The success of peace in Switzerland may serve as a model to resolve conflict in other ethnically diverse countries and regions of the world.


>And therein lies the problem. Your kids aren't black and white. They are a diluted black that is too white for blacks to accept as black and too niggerish for whites to accept as white.
>Ethnic identity gives teens daily happiness boost

Adolescents with positive feelings toward their ethnic group say they are happier on a daily basis than those who have a more negative attitude about their ethnic identity. The study, involving 415 ninth-graders from Chinese and Mexican backgrounds, shows the protective effects of ethnic identity on daily psychological well-being.

''The researchers focused on adolescents because that is when identity issues are at the forefront. Kiang said the positive effects of ethnic pride found in this study could suggest that parents and society in general should encourage strong ethnic identity in families.''

>Study Finds That Blacks With Strong Racial Identity Are Happier

Black people who identify more strongly with their racial identity are generally happier, according to a study led by psychology researchers at Michigan State University.

''The study also explored the reasons behind the connection. Yap said it may be fuelled by a sense of belongingness – that is, blacks with a strong sense of racial identity may feel more connected to their racial group, which in turn makes them happy.''

No.6600 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-29 03:40] 1511944840540.jpg [GIS] (311801 B, 500x2812) []
311801 B
>Racial socialization—messages about ethnic pride, history, and heritage

Termed racial socialization, race-related messages to children may have important consequences for children’s identity development and well-being.

Lewontin's Fallacy
An argument is that there is more variation within races than between them, therefore race does not exist. This is known as Lewontin's fallacy and it is fallacious because it:

>"ignores the fact that most of the information that distinguishes populations is hidden in the correlation structure of the data and not simply in the variation of the individual factors"


Another false argument is that human populations have not been separated long enough to be considered different races, yet one study listed 11 other mammal species with major phylogroups that diverged around the same time the human races did:

It is a statistical fallacy which works by ignoring correlations or combined effects. Genes vary much more within than between human populations only if we look at one gene at a time. The pattern reverses if we aggregate variation at several gene loci. The more we aggregate, the more the genetic variation will exist between populations and not within them.

This point was first made by Cavalli-Sforza back in 1966 and later by Mitton (1977, 1978), Edwards (2003), and Sesardic (2010).

>One thing commenters seem particularly confused about is the difference between phenotypic and genetic variation. The clustering data show very clearly that, in certain subspaces, the genetic variation within a particular population cluster is less than between clusters. That is, the genetic "distance" between two individuals within a cluster is typically much less than the distance between clusters.
>One obstacle to finding a matching donor was her mixed ethnic background. Her father is black, with West Indian and Panamanian roots. Her mother is white, with Russian-Jewish roots. In addition, only 5 percent of registered donors are black.


Bone Marrow Transplants: When Race Is an Issue

>''Compared to organ transplants, bone marrow donations need to be even more genetically similar to their recipients. Since all the immune system's cells come from bone marrow, a transplant essentially introduces a new immune system to a person. Without genetic similarity between the donor and the patient, the new white blood cells will attack the host body.


Race matters when a patient needs a stem cell or marrow transplant

>If you become ill with a blood cancer or other disease that requires a stem cell transplant, here's an uncomfortable fact: Your race matters. Diversity is a strength in much of life, [citation needed!] but it's a curse when finding a stem cell donor match.


>The FST between Whites (British) and Blacks (Bantu) is 0.23.


>The FST between the common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and the bonobo (Pan paniscus) is 0.103 which is half the White-Black difference despite the two being classified as separate species.


>The FST between two gorilla species, Gorilla gorilla and Gorilla beringei is 0.04 or 1/6 the difference between Blacks and Whites.


No.6601 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-29 03:42] 1511944950665.jpg [GIS] (107103 B, 690x583) []
107103 B
>The FST between humans and Neanderthals is less than 0.08 or about 1/3 the Black-White difference.


>The FST between humans and homo erectus is 0.17 which is 3/4 the Black-White distance.


>Blacks are by far the genetically closest group to Chimpanzees. The Nigerian-Chimp genetic distance using Nei's method is 1.334, 72% of the White(German) distance of 1.865; using Cavalli-Sforza's method the Black distance is 0.539, or 79% of the White distance of 0.680.


>Some scientists prior to the domination of leftism and egalitarianism argued that Blacks and Whites should be considered separate species. "The typical negroes of adult age, when tried by this rule, are proved to belong to a different species from the man of Europe or Asia, because the head and face are anatomically constructed more after the fashion of the simiadiae [apes] and the brute creation than the Caucasian and Mongolian species of mankind, their mouth and jaws projecting beyond the forehead containing the anterior lobes of the brain."


>"There is as good reason for classifying the Negro as a distinct species from Europeans as there is for making an ass a distinct species from the zebra;…there is a far greater difference between the Negro and the European than between the gorilla and chimpanzee."


>In a combination of 19 studies on Black and White brain sizes, every single one shows Whites with a significantly larger brain size than Blacks. The calculated average White brain is 1398g and 1438cc while the average Black brain is 1275g and 1343cc - 91% and 93% of the average White brain.

http://i.imgur.com/UHKYt.jpg (embed)

all of this is the type of shit peterson ignores on top of tip toeing around the JQ

>The heritability of brain size is extremely strong at 0.90 and not one study to date has shown larger brain size for Blacks, nor has any study shown anywhere close to equal brain size or structure for Blacks and Whites.


>The White brain has a high degree of fissuring (higher complexity) and the Black brain has a lower degree of fissuring (lower complexity) in the cerebral cortex of their brains, where abstract and conceptual thought is performed.

http://tiny (you) rl.com/cqu4yj5

>Although all animal species brain size and intelligence are largely unrelated due to the extreme diversity in brain size, the correlation between brain size and general intelligence or abstract reasoning among 25 primate species is strong, the "correlation between raw brain weight and general mental ability is 0.7653."


>Correlations between human brain size and intelligence have been well established


No.6602 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-29 03:46] 1511945208102.png [GIS] (138339 B, 980x195) []
No.6603 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-29 03:47] 1511945220477.png [GIS] (244025 B, 1002x552) []
244025 B

cultural marxism

No.6604 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-29 03:47] 1511945246890.png [GIS] (415229 B, 1218x1000) []
415229 B

communism = jews

No.6605 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-29 03:53] 1511945632073.png [GIS] (381649 B, 1902x1190) []
381649 B

emma lazarus

No.6606 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-29 03:54] 1511945660054.png [GIS] (176353 B, 859x632) []
176353 B

if blacks were to leave america

No.6607 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-29 03:57] 1511945837607.jpg [GIS] (1274829 B, 1184x1242) []
1274829 B

genetic divergence between species

No.6608 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-29 03:58] 1511945891360.png [GIS] (200179 B, 900x1812) []
200179 B

cost of illegal aliens

No.6609 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-29 04:10] 1511946623667.png [GIS] (507779 B, 1320x3328) []
507779 B

justin trudeau is a disease

No.6610 : Anonymous Drone [2017-11-29 04:11] 1511946660227.jpg [GIS] (2550794 B, 1651x4679) []
2550794 B

who controls what?

No.6611 : Anonymous Drone [2017-12-01 23:25] 1512188742544.png [GIS] (58646 B, 640x478) []
No.6619 : Anonymous Drone [2017-12-10 08:57] 1512914258790.jpg [GIS] (507635 B, 1000x1500) []
507635 B

It's a warning about how not to be. Johnny is a courageous and noble individual filled with self-giving and love, for everyone. He's the father of orphans (Denny), the lover of whores (Lisa), the patroller of thots (Lisa's mom and laughing at Mark's story about the cheating bitch), the shuffler of drug dealers (Denny's dealer), the patron of neighborhood businesses (florist), the best friend to doggies, the uplifter of betas (the guy that gets married), and the man whom Chads want to befriend to (Mark).

But Johnny's tragic flaw is his altruism. He fails to see Lisa's shallow interest in his money, he overlooks her hateful disposition, and he fails to see Mark's interest in her grow.

He viewed other people as much better than they were, and when they betrayed his naïveté, he reacted in resentment and rage. And he killed himself to separate himself from the world which he had loved so much but seemingly hated him.

The Room is a warning about the dangers of pathological altruism of the kind that ultrachads almost always suffer from.

No.6628 : Anonymous Drone [2017-12-21 08:26] 1513862814039.jpg [GIS] (164318 B, 1541x850) []
No.6640 : Anonymous Drone [2018-01-04 04:22] 1515057734707.png [GIS] (14679 B, 485x70) []
No.6641 : Anonymous Drone [2018-01-05 19:18] 1515197932461.webm [GIS] (1078570 B, 480x270) []
No.6643 : Anonymous Drone [2018-01-08 03:42] 1515400933307.jpg [GIS] (216746 B, 1280x759) []
No.6647 : Anonymous Drone [2018-01-09 23:05] 1515557129774.jpg [GIS] (87009 B, 484x537) []
No.6651 : Anonymous Drone [2018-01-16 06:13] 1516101180584.jpg [GIS] (340318 B, 771x945) []
No.6652 : Anonymous Drone [2018-01-16 06:16] 1516101364675.png [GIS] (641144 B, 857x842) []
No.6653 : Anonymous Drone [2018-01-16 23:31] []
>nigger man, nigger man!
>shitty neighborhood nigger man!
>rapes a bitch, steals a car
>intelligence of a retard


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