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No.3759 : Nat [2013-10-21 18:50] [Report] 1382395803982.jpg (41948 B, 293x263) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
41948 B

Why aren't you Libertarian? Its clear that Libertarianism is the only true ideology.

>b-but muh equal rights!

The freer the economy, the more it caters to its customers.

Face it, "trans" aren't real, its a concept invented by the Euro-Judeo Empire.

In reality, there are people who present themselves sexually and those who dominate sexually. Everything else is just marxist crap.

No.3760 : Anonymous Drone [2013-10-23 01:00] [Report] []

does it count if im a librarian?

No.3768 : Anonymous Drone [2013-12-19 17:44] [Report] []

How's that schizophrenia treating you?

No.3778 : Anonymous Drone [2014-02-13 06:59] [Report] []

what this guy said


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