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Random #7675 Raggan Hillhelm
Random #7674 >You could just copy-paste source code of retro games into your computer and compile them that wayGet fucked, rules.
/:3/ #184 Yo
/:3/ #182 in what way is that :3, you shitbird
/:3/ #181 :3
Random #7670 Yeah, we're still here, we're just scared we'll post shit threads that lower the comfiness of this time capsule of a board.
Random #7667 Raghelm Goldhand
Random #7666 roll your dwarf name
Religion #2 Divine truth
Random #7664 SSJ2 Pokebro
Random #7658 I created a video game.6APM An experimental real-time strategy game: you are limited to exactly 6 Actions Per Minute (APM).Did you ever have the feeling that RTS games like Command &a
Technology #1129 >>1123the hidden wiki is dead. It doesn't exist any more.All hidden wiki websites you see are fakes b
/:3/ #180 >>131Moar
Anime #1586 >>1584Another thing from this anon — for those with young siblings/nephews/illegitimate aunts/uncles, etc.
Religion #1 im kill-animals and im a big dumb fag