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Technology #1093 get jewed
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Random #7198 i'd hope that anybody who actually cares about his children wouldn't be dumb enough to enroll them in the public school system. if you hadn't figured it out already, public schools
Random #7196 >>7188No one has ever succeeded in looking any kind of bad ass whilst showing off their High Point. Go ask your dadd
Random #7195 anyone who hasn't already realized that the public school system is a disease is either living under a rock or part of the problem.
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Information #228 Standard cookware size conversion chart. Inches and centimetres to quarts and possible cookware types.
Information #227 Women's shoe size and width chart for US, EUR, UK, and Japan in cm and inches; width in inches only.
Information #226 Adult foot and shoe size chart for Mondopoint, EUR, UK, US (male, female, and athletic), and JP/CN in inches and millimetres.