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Random #7551 I appreciate Liru and all she has done to make imageboards, nay... LIFE so fantastic for the world. I just can't imagine what my life would be like without her. Probably worse and for tha
Technology #1114 what does your httpd error log say?
Technology #1113 >>1112okay, i managed to run wakabaa on localhost, got gui showing ran the wakaba(.)pl and configur
Technology #1112 no, the instructions are on the site and there are threads on the support board
Technology #1111 >>1110thanks, is there video guide on how to set it up?
Technology #1110
Technology #1109 where can i download wakaba++ and how to install it?
Random #7549 cute
Random #7548 Bune, Bune, Bune!Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa
Dolls #1661
Random #7547 New Paradigm
Random #7546 yoyu is a homosex lemoa
Random #7544 All glories to Lord Bune, the Duke! I praise his name, Bune! Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa
Random #7542 i made a thingthis one is about simona andrea arteaga
/:3/ #170 very good