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Technology #1099 I just did. It makes a huge difference in performance.
Random #7422 I have autism and it gives me sensory issues which make me feel very uncomfortable in my own skin constantly. If someone came up to be at 13 and said you can take that feeling away if you change yo
Random #7421 >>7419> Average normal boy> rarely get any praise> teachers alway
Random #7420 >>7419
Random #7419 your children aren't confused or mentally ill, they were just born the wrong wayjust take the hormone pills"I Have Come to Indoctrinate Your Children Into My LGBTQ Agenda (
Random #7415
Random #7413 >removed all accessories except necessities>state controls what goes inside her, and taxed for it too>mocked and belittled, treated as the caus
Technology #1098 Apple products full of flaws? What's new?
Random #7412 just remember, you exist at the same time as this
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Random #7410
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